Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1266 Sunday April 21, 2013




hugo [hyoo-goh or, often, HYOO-GOH!, also known as sevens]
adjective, seventee … fuck! hugo, hugo …. fuck!, 26 fuck! hugo!


HUGO! Creme Brulee guarantees you won’t wake up with a hangover on Monday morning. HUGO! Clifford The Big Reck Cock reverses that call, you will wake up with a hangover Monday morning and you will probably need to hash Monday to rid yourself of the hangover. Our lovely pair of $2 hookers (Creme Brulee and Clifford The Big Reck Cock … Creme-Cock in short) guarantee that they will mark the trail to last at least two days. We hear that it takes about that much time for Clifford The Big Reck Cock to deliver it’s her Creme Brulee.

HUGO! Creme-Cock (not to be confused with Cock-Creme) is a pair of twats  tits clits lovely ladies with a penchant for taking off their clothes during hash On On Ons. Not the kind of ladies who do it for money. Oh no. HUGO! You won’t find these ladies over at Manhattan Shanghai. They do it for charity, free of charge, whores through and through. HUGO. Come Monday after a night with Creme-Cock, you will need that Cock-Creme to help calm the STD Creme-Cock gifted you on the Sunday Shanghai Hash. HUGO!

Ladies whores and gentlemen molesters and visitors of the lovely Shanghai Hash. In their first two collaborations, These two hares have shown an incredible amount of mismanagement … summer and winter times confusion, east and west navigation of metro stops, the smelliest vaginas roads of Shanghai. This Sunday, the Creme-Cock duo promises a pleasant Shanghai Sunday run. There will mostly be semen and semen … some occasional lube here and there bust mostly semen. We promise nothing bust the best stripping of your dignity, morality and sanity. You have been warned!

As always, feel free to bring a bag for a change of clothes. Our handy hoard of pickpockets thieves safekeepers will very kindly watch over your bags. ON ON!

Run type: (A – A) : 

Restaurant (A) : Xin Fa Ji Restaurant. Second Floor at 417 Sichuan Middle Road (near Tianjin Road) 中国上海四川中路417弄 (靠近天津路)


Directions to the Restaurant: 
By Metro :  Line 2 Nanjing East, exit # 2. Walk north on Henan Rd about 100m, turn right onto Tianjin, walk two blocks east to Sichuan Rd about 200m and look for the address. 

By Taxi :  417 Sichuan Middle Road (near Tianjin Road) 中国上海四川中路417弄 (靠近天津路)







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