Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1267 Sunday April 28, 2013






I haven’t travelled much but I have heard that Eastern Eurpoeans as as hedonistic as aa group of people can be. As aa guest travelling to an Eastern European cunt-ry it is common place that your guest (or any pretty boy 美男 or pretty girl 美女 … preferably under the age of 14) service you before and after every meal. The huge resurgence of syphilis in Serbia has nothing to do with this fact, these two items are mutually exclusive. It is also perfectly acceptable to take many 美男 and/or many 美女, pack them in aa container, ship them elsewhere for service of their cunts sorry cunt-ry. The UN tends to frown upon that human trafficking business but our world GM and leader Obama can do no wrong in their eyes so here’s a down down and a cheers to Obama for kidnapping and trafficking Slutovich all the way to Shanghai to have her show off her architecture and Serbian whore skills (for a fee) hare this lovely Sunday!

This Sunday’s run will be a college girl run. There will be college girls … to the Shanghai perverts who didn’t hear me … THERE WILL BE COLLEGE GIRLS … For the girls, college theme wear gets you free Sperminating so bring out your knee high socks, short skirts, get your 2 pony tail hairdo’s in order.

For the guys, lets see your finest college of hash attire. AA, (not to be confused with the size of the batteries in her dildo, or her drinking hashing problem, or the size of her tits, ,  promises she will let you practice Sperminating her and will be doing a full frontal glasses with no lenses educating session being the slutty teacher she is)

Please note that this is an A -> B type of run:  For new hashers, this means come to A ready to run (or change in a very public place, your choice), and bring a change of clothes in a bag which will be transported for you to B for the circle, dinner and drinks.

As always, feel free to bring a bag for a change of clothes. Our handy hoard of pickpockets thieves safekeepers will very kindly watch over your bags. ON ON!


Run type: (A – B) : 

Meeting Point (A) : 
By metro: Line 10, Tongji Unversity, exit 1 同济大学站(地铁10号线) 一号出口

By taxi: Siping Lu ZhangWu Lu cross, next to Metro exit 1 四平路彰武路 路口

There is a little plaza just outside of exit 1. Look for hash marks or fellow hashers.

Restaurant (B) : Helen’s Bar

By taxi: Wu Chuan Lu, Yangpu District, No. 49, 2nd Floor (near Wudong Lu ) 杨浦区武川路49号2楼(近武东路)

By metro: Line 3, Jiangwan Town(江湾镇), exit 4 turn right and walk along main road, at the crossing with WanAn Lu (万安路)turn left and walk until cross with WuChuan Lu (武川路)






Shanghai Hash House Harriers – The Drinking Club with a Running Problem
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