Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1270 Sunday May 19, 2013




We’ve all known that the British English … who gives a shit what they call themselves … are the swankiest, poshest and well the purveyors of the world’s worst dental structures. One would think with their constant pretending to be people of class who demand nothing but the world’s finest of everything, including beer, they would at least drink the good stuff, you know, the non-acidic stuff that doesn’t cause your teeth to rot and misalign as if they were keen on designing and building the world’s trickiest, nastiest maze to navigate. I mean for Christ sake do yourselves a favor and drink the super acidic stuff that makes your teeth fall off!

[Stage left, exit HORRIBLE teeth English Sailor, enter Sperminator]

Dentures have never been more fashionable, OHMS. Sperminator has skills that most people don’t know about. Not only does his family live in Qingdao (yaaaaaay greatest beer ever), he is also a world renowned gynecologist (and by world we mean Taiwan … you only have to look to his left and right to see his specimensTaiwanese Toy Boy #1 (小三) and Taiwanese Toy Boy #2 (小四)) AND he also is part of the world renowned Orthodontists Without Borders (OWB) who specialize in non profit work in England Britain United Shitty Teethdom to bring smiles to the general population OHMS. Salvation is here Forest Dump.

Lovely ladies and gentlemen of the Shanghai hash (visitors too), prepare yourself for the tastiest shittiest beer run ever. In usual form, tranny bitch Forest Dump will be there to complain, corgi sperm Sperminator will be there to take us through XuHui riverside to fish out some dead pigs. The water has just the nutrients that Forest Dump needs to help fix those God awful calcium fixtures in his mouth. There will be complaining, and more complaining, and even more complaining. So how about we give Forest Dump a down down On Her Majesty’s Service for every word he utters and Sperminator a down down for every rotten tooth Forest Dump doesn’t have.  Our absent deadbeat GM Obama also happens to be back so be sure to give him a FOUR MORE BEERS down down for being the shittiest president ever.

As always, feel free to bring a bag for a change of clothes. Our handy hoard of pickpockets thieves safekeepers will very kindly watch over your bags. ON ON!


Run type: (A – A)

Meeting Point / Restaurant (A) : Jia Chang Feng, 637 LingLing Rd (Near WanPing South Rd.)中国上海零陵路637弄(靠近宛平南路) Tel 189 3048 7718

Directions to Meeting Point/ Restaurant:

By Metro: Line 4, Shanghai Stadium, Exit #2, Follow the signs to the restaurant (or walk north 100m towards the restaurant)
 By Taxi: 637 LingLing Rd (Near WanPing South Rd.)中国上海零陵路637弄(靠近宛平南路)



Shanghai Hash House Harriers – The Drinking Club with a Running Problem
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