Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1275 Sunday Jun 23, 2013





As is with every horrible president, there comes a time when the people rebel and overthrow the GM. Our GM Obama has to go! We want someone new! We want the Sperminator! Let us do a recap of some of the reasons why we need this CHANGE!

– He promised us FOUR MORE BEERS! We had HOPE and FAITH but all he gave us was FOUR SHITTY SUNTORYS

– He promised us a place where all girls with little hats would be welcome. Instead he drove Xigua away now Xigua will only be back for one last hash this Sunday before she moves back to ‘merica (FUCK YEAH!)

– He exclusively smokes weed and gets drunk only during Ramadan. The only thing he gives up for Ramadan is dancing on the bar at Zapatas




Now lets talk about why we want Sperminator!

– He is the shittiest songmeister that ever lived

– He gives free vasecotomies and STDs (not to mention H7N9) at his hospital

– He never brings any girls to the Sunday hash especially no Taiwanese girls (might have something to do with Obama constantly being in Taiwan)


We will be giving away free change over run tshirts until they run out on a first come first serve basis. Prepare yourselves for an awesome hash and be sure to give both Obama as many down downs as he leaves his mismanagement position as well as Xigua since she has decided to fuck off! On On On will be at I Love Shanghai where we still have our super special cheap beer hash deal … be sure to come out to send these hashers off in true hasher fashion.

As always, feel free to bring a bag for a change of clothes. Our handy hoard of pickpockets thieves safekeepers will very kindly watch over your bags. ON ON!



Run type: (A – A)

Restaurant (A) : Mei Wei Fun.美味坊 (Super delicious house) #58 Lane 273 Jiao Zhou Rd. 4F of the Super 8 Hotel. Intersection is Xin Zha Rd, Near I Love Shanghai Bar中国上海胶州路273弄 (靠近新闸路)

Directions to the Restaurant

By Metro : 

Line 7 : Changping Road Exit, walk west 100m towards Jiaozhou Rd, turn left onto Jiaozhou Rd and head south for 500m

Line 2 : JingAn Temple Exit #2, walk north (towards Beijing West Road) for 150m, one you hit Beijing West Road, you should see Jiaozhou Rd to you left. Walk 350m north on Jiaozhou Rd to restaurant


By Taxi :  4F 273 Jiao Zhou Rd near Xin Zha Rd中国上海胶州路273弄 (靠近新闸路)




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