Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1277 Sunday July 7, 2013






In a shocking twist of events, Shanghai’s most inseparable couple Right Ball and Left Ball has separated. What makes this really shocking is that Left Ball decided to pack his bags and move back to the US without a week even passing after gay marriage was declared constitutional in the US. Lucky for him he has found solace with Double Nipple Impact (DNI) but you can only wonder if the same fate awaits DNI. Will she be changing her name to Single Nipple Impact any time soon we wonder. In honor of Left Ball leaving, Right Ball wrote a poem for his dearly departed beloved partner.

Lonely Right Ball … written and performed by Right Ball in Crescendo (while crying on the couch in tears eating ice cream while watching a 72 hour chick flick marathon)

Lonely so Lonely a Right Ball
So Lonely I am without my Left Ball
Lonely and sad, Lonely So Lonely
So Lonely it makes me sad
Lonely and empty
Lonely so Lonely I am
But how Lovely oh Lovely
Lovely it is to have
A nipple oh nipple
To nibble and nipple
While crying I cry
Lonely so Lonely I still am
Lonely so Lonely
So Lonely i am


… dedicated to my one true love, Left Ball


Ladies, gentlemen and visitors of the Shanghai hash, Right Ball and DNI promise to deliver the best hash ever. Better than last week’s with an even more scenic beer stop! Come one, come all and stay hydrated! As always, feel free to bring a bag for a change of clothes. Our handy hoard of pickpockets thieves safekeepers will very kindly watch over your bags. ON ON! 


Run type: (A – A)

Restaurant (A) : Hunan Restaurant, No. 2872 Yan An Xi Rd. Tel : 6261 9832 or 139 1631 3458 中国上海延安西路2872弄 (靠近虹梅路)



Directions to the Restaurant

By Metro : 
Line 10 :  Station Shuicheng Rd. Exit 3. Go west 300m on Hongqiao Rd. Turn left on HongXu Rd. Cross HongXu Rd. Cross Yan’An Rd. Turn right on Yan’An Rd. The restaurant is 150m further.


By Taxi :  No. 2872 Yan An Xi Rd. (Near HongMei Rd) 中国上海延安西路2872弄 (靠近虹梅路)



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