Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1292 Sunday Oct 20, 2013



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Coming hot off last weeks “We found love in a hopeless place / Coconut Tosser gets married” run, our two sluttiest home breaking hash mistresses Xiao San and Xiao Si are kind of teaming up in an i-am-a-better-mistress-than-you run deathmatch as they vie for Sperminator’s favor. The bickering back and forth this week between our two hares has reached to what you might call a thermo-nuclear ho name calling finger snapping debacle. We hear that they couldn’t agree on anything not even the beer stop and as such they will be having competing beer stops. I guess the lovely people of Shanghai get to choose which one of these mistresses does a better job at the getting drunk thing since that’s the only way our shitty GM is able to get a Taiwanese girl toy boy in bed with him, DRUNK.

It’s gonna be a good run. We will run through the Jewish ghetto (hint hint – world’s biggest diamond suppliers happen to be of Jewish descent … can we say diamond ring anyone?), in-on-and-around the jail (I wasn’t expecting this all out mistress ho/bitch fight to end with a murder but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to win Sperminator’s love and his hand undersized penis in marriage).

On On On after dinner will be at our hash bar I Love Shanghai 3/F, 1788 Xinzha Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu 新闸路1788号3楼, 近胶州路. Hashers get a RMB 25 deal on beers and we get to do our regular Sunday beer pong/ flip cup.

As always, feel free to bring a bag for a change of clothes. Our handy hoard of pickpockets thieves safekeepers will very kindly watch over your bags. ON ON!





Run type: (A – A) 

Restaurant/ Meeting Point (A) :  Caliburger F/B2, 1363 Sichuan Bei Lu (One Prime Plaza), near Wujin Lu
四川北路1363号壹丰广场地下2层, 近武进路


Directions to Meeting Point/ Restaurant:

By Metro: Line 10 , North Sichuan Road Exit 4, Go to B2  of the One Prime Plaza Food Court and look for Cali Burger

By Taxi: 1363 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Wujin Lu 四川北路1363号底下2层, 近武进路



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