Run 1324 Sunday May 25, 2014


We all know Kentucky Fucking Cousins (KFC) was an unimaginative young lad as soon as he was born. No one ever questioned why he had constant sex with his cousins cuz well, it was a step further than his aunt and uncle parents ever went. It was like being a first generation college student! To date, his unimaginative trait follows, I mean, he has only hared twice but each time he chose the same restaurant.

Seven Inch Xiǎo Jié (七 寸 小姐) is a kind one at heart. Straight from the shady KTV dens of Shandong Province she singlehandedly wants to eradicate incest from our world by servicing one John Josh at a time. She is a true entertainer at heart too so not only does she make her Johns Joshes sing but she throws in some tunes of her own. Anyone say duet?

Shanghai weather is warming up and this should be another great day to run in Shanghai. Seven Inch Xiǎo Jié (七 寸 小姐) and Kentucky Fucking Cousins (KFC) promise us great entertainment through the run, through the circle, through dinner and through On On On so come out and have a great Sunday with us!

On On On after dinner will be at our hash bar I Love Shanghai 3/F, 1788 Xinzha Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu 新闸路1788号3楼, 近胶州路. Hashers get a RMB 25 deal on beers and we get to do our regular Sunday beer pong/ flip cup.

As always, feel free to bring a bag for a change of clothes. It’s getting cold outside so bring something to keep you warm during the circle. Our handy hoard whored of pickpockets thieves safekeepers will very kindly watch over your bags. ON ON!


Run type: (A – A)

Meeting Point/Start (A) : Hunan Rural Restaurant, 168 Wulumuqi Middle Rd. near Anfu Rd.  中国上海乌鲁木齐中路168弄 (靠近安福路)

By Metro: Line 1, 7 : Changshu Rd Station (常熟路站) : Walk 50m north on Changhsu Rd from the Changshu Rd/ Huaihai Rd intersection, turn left onto Wuyuan Rd and walk west 150m, turn right onto Wulumuqi Rd and walk north 50m to the restaurant

By Taxi: 168 Wulumuqi Middle Rd. near Anfu Rd.  中国上海乌鲁木齐中路168弄 (靠近安福路)




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