Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1344 Sunday Oct 12, 2014




So this week, Sunday is a 1 day weekend…., Saturday is a working day, it’s all a mystery to the foreigners. Totally confused, but happily hashing.
But whatever, one thing you can be sure, rain, sunshine, snow, typhoon, pollution or unbearable heat.. there will always be a Sunday Hash….
So you have 2 amazing hares P.E. Cummings who got his name due to a bad sexual experience, must be the first guy in history to have ” bad sex”,
And DNI our Belgian hare from a country famous for French fries and mayonnaise, and américain (raw beef mixed with mayonnaise), maybe that’s why she’s here!!!
So the Belgian hare eats American, be careful… hare…..!
So expect a fxxking awesome trail, with the delights of a pet market (pets to be eaten or to be loved?!) followed by copious quantities of ice cold classic Tsingtao and spicy Hunan style dinner!!!

On On On will be at our hash bar I Love Shanghai 3/F, 1788 Xinzha Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu 新闸路17883近胶州路. Hashers get a RMB 25 deal on beers and we get to do our regular Sunday beer pong/ flip cup.

As always, feel free to bring a bag for a change of clothes to keep you nice and comfortable during the circle. Our handy hoard of pickpockets thieves safekeepers will very kindly watch over your bags. ON ON!


Meeting Point/Start (A) : Xiang Man Tian Xia 湘滿天下, #963 Wu Ning Rd, 武寧路963號。Tel (+86) (21) 6051 2299

By Metro: Line 11 : Fengqiao Rd Station (楓橋路站) Exit #1 : Walk North toward Wuning Rd and there will be marks leading toward the restaurant.

By Taxi: #963 Wu Ning Rd near the intersection of Caoyang Rd



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