We're the drinking club with a running problem! The Shanghai Hash was established in 1986 and runs every Sunday, without regard for rain, sun, pollution or politics. We have no rules, only traditions (and quite a repertoire of songs). Check out our Hashing 101  page

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SHH3 Run #1722
The Redo Run
Sunday, Jan. 2nd

While the hash lives a fairly YOLO lifestyle (You Only Live Once), what if you were given the chance to give yourself a do-over? Maybe walk rather than run into a low-hanging basket, or tell your job to screw itself and go on a hash cruise?  What if you could redesign an entire crappy YEAR?? Twenty-twenty will go down in infamy as a nonstop trainwreck, so why not change it up? Well, hashers, you're in luck - bring on twenty-twenty too! 


Rather than run in fear, grab this year by the... ears... and turn it into something good. Master Wanker and Stink Bomb are truly embracing this mentality, setting a bash back at Yulixiang's "new" restaurant and thoughtfully resetting the weather channel to something slightly more pleasant than the almost-typhoon of yesteryear. Like waking up from a long coma, allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of Xuhui all over again -and take lots of photos before even more of it is razed for new government buildings on the near horizon. 


Will the beer taste better? Will Covid disappear for good? Will it rain money? There's only one way to find out, hash on into twenty-twenty too!

On on, SHH3!


The Hares 

Master Wanker & Stink Bomb
The Date
Sunday, Jan. 2nd @ 14:30, Pack off at 15:00
集合时间:下午14:30  开始时间:下午15:00
  Run & circle only: 30 RMB P/P
Run, circle & dinner: 100 RMB P/P
The Meeting Point (A)

Yulixiang (new location)

The Address

1333 Middle Huaihai Rd



The Metro

Line 1/7 Changshu Rd, Exit 7

Next Run
The  Sunday hash is just one of many kennels around Shanghai . . . 

You can also join the Distinguished Overseas Gentleman's Hash (D.O.G.S.), the All-Women's 'POSH' hash, the Pudong Full Moon Hash, one of our Saturday hashes (Taiping or Drunken Dragon, which go outside the city) or any of our special collaboration events. 

Cum join us in Shanghai. On On!
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