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SHH3 Run #1640
The "Happy as a Pig in Sh!t" Run
Now, as any good pig knows, summer temperatures can be a challenge - the only way to stay cool is a nice wallow in the mud. While I can’t promise such luxury spa treatment this Sunday, I can guarantee that you will get up a good sweat before cooling down with an ice cold beer, or three. Any good pig also cares intently about his stomach and there will be plenty of space at the trough to share a bit of quality local swill with your friends.​
The Hares:  Pig a Dildo & Dunno
Sunday May 30th @ 15:30, Pack off at 16:00
集合时间:下午15:30  开始时间:下午16:00
  Run & circle only: 30 RMB P/P
Run, circle & dinner: 100 RMB P/P
Meeting Point (A): 

Old Tan Record Pickled Cabbage Fish (Power Bottom translation)



14 Cangwu Rd



Line 9 Guilin Rd Station Exit 4 


Follow the marks from metro


© 2017 by SH3

Melody - Itself 

Pissanya, Pissanya, Pissanya,
In Russian it means “I love you,”
If I had my way I’d pissanya all day,
Pissanya, Pissanya, Pissanya.

Shittanya, Shittanya, Shittanya,
In Russian it means “I adore you,”
If I had my way I’d shittanya all day,
Shittanya, shittanya, shittanya.

Cummanya, Cummanya, Cummanya,
In Russian it means “I need you,”
If I had my way, I’d Cummanya all day,
Cummanya, Cummanya, Cummanya.

Future Hareline
Run 1640 – 31 May - Pig a Dildo & Dunno
Run 1641 – 07 June - Stilette - Hoe & NEED HARES
Run 1642 – 14 June - NEED HARES
Run 1643 – 21 June - NEED HARES
Run 1644 – 28 June - NEED HARES
Run 1645 – 05 July - NEED HARES
Run 1646 – 12 July - NEED HARES
Run 1647 – 19 July - NEED HARES
Run 1648 – 26 July - NEED HARES
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