For Sunday hash, the Hare Wrangler (Bloody Oral) will start a planning WeChat group for the hares around 2 weeks before the run. If that doesn’t happen or you have problems/questions that aren’t answered there, contact the GM directly (Power Bottom).


Tuesday before the run Hares need to send:

  • Restaurant location

  • Write up for the post (it can be whatever you want; stupid, witty, completely irrelevant)

Picking a Restaurant
  • Ask misman for help if you’re having problems! This is the hardest part of haring.

  • Pick a place within a 5-10 minute walk of a subway station

  • Target 60-70 RMB price per person - use Dianping or Bon App to check prices and reviews

  • Visit the restaurant before to make sure that they can accommodate 15-25 people, preferably in a separate room or different section of the restaurant since we’re quite rowdy

  • Check beer prices – try for around 10 RMB per 500mL bottle, or request to bring in beer from outside

  • Make a reservation with the restaurant, ask if we can drop off bags at 3pm and eat around 6pm

Planning a Trail
  • Target around 10km for the run, <6km for walkers

  • You have to recee! You can’t count on any navigation app to cover locked gates, construction, random walls that have been built…

  • Avoid straight lines down major roads - look for alleys, parks, college campuses, rivers, etc…

  • Try to add in some urban shiggy – run through trees/bushes in the parks, Ofo graveyards, etc. Just keep it legal and safe-ish.

  • Beer stop:

    • Located in a convenience store - look for Family Mart, Q stores, All Day…

    • Plan at least 1 beer stop, on a hot day or long trail plan for 2

    • Visit before and make sure it has beer. Look for cold and cheap (preferably ~6.5 RMB Tsingdao)

    • It’s the most fun if you can time runners and walkers to come to the same beer stop at the same time, but not critical

Setting Trail
  • Set trail Sunday morning, anything earlier and the marks will be washed away

  • Chalk can be a little hard to find in Shanghai, so don’t plan on finding it the day of. If you don’t have an easy source, ask misman to help a few days before

  • Make big and frequent marks, you can never have too many (unless you’re trying to lose people). Think about traffic flow and how long the mark is likely to last.

  • Don’t forget to add checkpoints! It helps to keep the slow runners and the FRBs together as a pack

On Trail Duties
  • Generally try to keep track of people to make sure no one is totally lost. It’s helpful to have your phone for WeChat communication and re-direction

  • Make sure checkpoints get marked after they’re cleared, encourage FRBs to lay extra marks while running

  • Hares pay for beer, cups, etc at the beer stop unless hash cash is part of the group, so bring some form of payment (will be reimbursed by Hash Cash later)

Guidelines for Hares