The Hash, or Hash House Harriers, is a non-competitive, running (and walking) club where the emphasis is on enjoyment and drinking beer and not competitive running.


Each week two Hashers will volunteer to be the hares. Their responsibility is to decide a location and route for a run, and then mark the trail on the morning of the run for the other Hashers (the pack) to follow.


On the Shanghai Sunday Hash, because we're city-based, our markings are chalk arrows. As well as these arrows there will be checkpoints where Hashers need to search to find the next arrow, and sometimes false trails. These are done so that the faster runners are slowed down and the pack is kept together.


We also have beer stops on trail and the aim is to devise a trail that ensures the walkers and runners all meet at the same point and drink a beer together before completing the run.


Once everyone is back at the starting point (runs are usually A-A meaning they start and finish at the restaurant where we'll have dinner) we have 'circle' - which basically involves drinking more beer, calling out people for 'misdemeanors' (such as short cutting) on trail and singing, before going for dinner. (There's no rule saying you have to stay for dinner - some people come for the run then leave after the circle, others stay for dinner then head home, others still might hit a bar after. You also don't have to drink beer if you don't want to!)


The Hash is international and was founded in Malaysia in the 1930's by a couple of British colonial officers as a way to run off the excesses of the night before.


Today, over 100,000 Hashers participate in over 2,000 Hash clubs in nearly every country throughout the world. Most national capitals, except Pyongyang, have one or more Hash clubs. Malaysia, Indonesia, the U.S., Australia, and the U.K have the most clubs. 

The popularity of the Hash comes from its variety of participants. Some come to run for exercise, some to walk and enjoy the scenery, and some to just socialize. Whether your purpose is exercise or socializing, or drinking beer, the Shanghai H3 is a great opportunity to experience Shanghai city, see lots of historic/scenic/interesting places, and meet all sorts of people of various backgrounds and nationalities.


In a nutshell, probably the best way to describe the Hash is: an international walking-jogging-running-drinking, people-to-people, socializing, partying, non-competitive, fun club. If this sounds good to you, then you just might have what it takes to be a Hasher too!

So, is it the fun of walking/running 5-11km in a tropical storm, in our sweltering summer heat, or in Shanghai's gray and chilly winter? Or is it the camaraderie, the challenge, the chance to make new friends, or the copious amounts of beer followed by a slap up dinner? Or is it perhaps the fact that Shanghai Hashers go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome?


Regardless, the Shanghai Hash offers you a chance to exercise, socialize, drink, and experience parts of the city you may never see. So come join us...we know you'll love it! 

PS If you read this far this MUST sound good to you...so check out the next run info and come join us next Sunday!

                                                                                                ON ON!!!