Copy of SHH3 Run #1768 The Schrodinger’s Thai-or-Yunnan Run

Hares Just Natalie and Fumbucker


After a major drag/drinking run last Sunday, our hares Just Natalie and Fumbucker are too hangover to tell the difference between the Thai and Yunnan food. After three-hour discussion, they havent decided which restaurant they wanna go to. Come join the Run #1768 to find out which restaruant we are goin this sunday. ONON!

When: 2:30 pm, Nov. 20, 2022

Meeting Point (A): Either The Chiangmai Thai Cuisine or Yunnan’s Legend Taste

The address: 1025, Kangding Rd. Jing‘án 静安区康定路1025号 or the Thai food next door

The Metro: Changping Rd., Wuding Rd. & Jing’an Temple Station (地铁昌平路、武定路、静安寺站等)

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