SHH3 Run #1651: The Damn Kids Run

There's an old adage that goes: “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” It just may be that this week's hares, Repeat Offender and Major Hornblower, are responsible for creating this phrase in the first place! Tired of young upstarts muddling up the perfection of the hash, these experienced gentlemen will be supplying an SH3 trail of unsurpassed quality cum Sunday. Even the most dim-witted/drunk hashers will revel in the glory of their expertise.
With clear, evenly placed marks, adequate distance, plentiful cold beer, and digestible Hunan dishes at the bash, there won't possibly be any reasons this weekend for the hares to face any charges. The only mistake this Sunday is not showing up!
The Hares: Major Hornblower & Repeat Offender
Sunday August 16th @ 15:30, Pack off at 16:00
集合时间:下午15:30 开始时间:下午16:00
Run & circle only: 30 RMB P/P
Run, circle & dinner: 100 RMB P/P
Meeting Point (A):





2866 Hongmei Rd

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