SHH3 Run #1655​: The Digging for Gold Run 

Game time! Riddle me this:
I’m sometimes found in a pot 
My color is au naturale
I’ve been known to cause a rush 
I’m a type of metal, not heavy or hair
What am I?
... put down your Tsingtao and really guess!
If you answered GOLD, you are correct! Our favorite golden oldies, Repeat Offender and Major Hornblower, are planning a lustrous outing for us all this weekend. Putting their millennia of wisdom together, these two fine hares are off on an adventure that will pay in dividends of glory and cold beer. Make like a 49er, and rush out while the going is good (well, by 4pm this Sunday anyway)!


The Hares:  Repeat Offender & Major Hornblower
Sunday Sept. 13th @ 15:30, Pack off at 16:00
集合时间:下午15:30  开始时间:下午16:00
Run & circle only: 30 RMB P/P
Run, circle & dinner: 100 RMB P/P
Meeting Point (A): 

东北农家小院 Northeast Farmer Food



71 Songyuan Rd


Line 10 Songyuan Rd Station


Follow marks from Exit 2

Song of the Week:

Canadian Hash Song

Way up north in Canada the air is getting cold,

We're running out of money and we're running out of gold.

That is why we earn our living... Clubbing baby seals!

You can hit them with a club you can hit them with a brick,

You can poke them in the eye with your eye poking stick.

That is how we earn our living... Killing the baby seals.

You can slash them on the head, you can slash them in the throat,

You can throw them in the back of your Newfie fishing boat.

That is how we earn our living... Slashing the baby seals!

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