SHH3 Run # 1656: The Dirty Mouth Run

Bring on the Listerine and rabies vaccinations! These will be your greatest defenses from the likes of this week's hares, Nipple Nipper and Bloody Oral; unless, you're into that sort of thing. One can never be too careful around this feisty duo, and they are setting a trail that will keep you on your toes.

If you've been craving adventure and have a lack of the self-preservation instinct, then this Sunday is for you! There's plenty of time to contemplate your fate, as you'll need to plan a good 40 minutes of travel time by metro to get there - and if Bloody Oral is the one telling us to leave early, I'd take her word for it. Pack your favorite muzzle and put animal control on speed dial, and we'll see you Sunday!

The Hares
Bloody Oral & Nipple Nipper
The Date
Sunday, Sept. 20th @ 15:30, Pack off at 16:00
集合时间:下午15:30 开始时间:下午16:00
Run & circle only: 30 RMB P/P
Run, circle & dinner: 100 RMB P/P
The Meeting Point (A)


Harvest Festival

The Address


1st Floor Lianhua International Square, No.7866 Humin Road

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