SHH3 Run #1660: The Good Old Days Run

In times of stress, we long for the good ol' days. Back before Rona, and QR codes and quarantines and Tr... well, okay, we're not going THAT far back. As if popping in a mid-2000s mixed CD (or mixed tape), we can still do the next best thing by revelling in the return of our beloved Pu-Jersey addicts, Mount Fuji and IRA! 

After a long period of suffering without their prodigious presence on the hash, our hares are here to remind us how to act: like proper hashers, with faster-funnier charges and trails where “straight” is a notion easier to find at a Pride parade. They're such pros, everything was recce'd and reserved in record time!

Take yourself to the bridge, two stops over, and get reacquainted with the prowess of this professional trail-setting duo. It's almost like... like... Bringing Sexy Back! 

The Hares: IRA and Mt Fuji

Sunday, October 18th 2020

Meet at 14:30 pack off at 15:00 sharp

集合时间:下午14:30  开始时间:下午15:00

MeetingPoint/Circle/Bash (A/A):





465 Lancun Rd Pudong


Line 4 and 6 Lancun Rd Station, Exit 3

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