SHH3 Run #1661: The Final Toilet Run

Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all hashers to the final, very-last-ever Toilet Run! From the bowels of SH3 history, Major Hornblower has resurrected this epic adventure to give us all a taste of the good life; with virtually nothing better to do, Maths Factor has foolishly agreed to assist on this wayward scheme.

This trail is ostensibly in honor of Bollock Chops, a long-time old-timey hasher from “back in the day” who left a crusty smear on the hearts who knew him.

Unlike any Sunday adventures in recent SH3 memory (which, to be fair, is somewhat impaired), this is a BUS run, with all that entails. Don't get caught with your pants down, there are many surprises and events planned before we return at 10pm. You will laugh, you will drink, you will kneel at the American Standard; you will maybe want to clear your Monday morning. 

On on to the Toilet Run!

The Hares:

Major Hornblower and Maths Factor

Sunday, October 25th 2020

Meet at 13:30 pack off at 14:00 sharp

集合时间:下午13:30  开始时间:下午14:00


Run, Circle, Dinner, Shirt, and Bus: 150 RMB/person



MeetingPoint/Circle/Bash (A/A):

Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel


1376 West Nanjing Rd



Line 4 and 6 Lancun Rd Station, Exit 3


The Portman is between West Nanjing Station and Jingan Station on West Nanjing Rd.

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