SHH3 Run #1665: The Has-Beens Run

Like the legends of old, rising from the mists of yesteryear, this week's hares have stepped in to save the day! Emerging from their pleasant GM retirements, Obama and Power Bottom are joining forces this Sunday and setting a trail that promises... er, nothing, really.

Honestly, what can we expect from a couple of has-beens who have thrown up their hands and said “not my problem”? Sure, they're pretty experienced. And yeah, their administrations may have a fond place in our hearts. Fortunately, they also don't mind a down-down or twenty, and are more than willing to send all complaints directly to the suggestion box (read: the trash).

Rain or shine, hell or high water, the hash will go on. Honor these washed-up titans reliving their glory days, and drag your feet to the trail!



Power Bottom

Sunday, November 22nd 2020

Meet at 14:30 pack off at 15:00 sharp

集合时间:下午14:30 开始时间:下午15:00


Run and Circle: RMB 30/person

Run, Circle, and Dinner: RMB 100/person


Runners: 9-12km

Walkers: 5-7km

MeetingPoint/Circle/Bash (A/A):

Tap House


74 Yongkang Rd


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