SHH3 Run #1753: The Are They Welcome Run

The family just moved to Shanghai, what better way to welcome them than to have them lay a trail in a totally unfamiliar city? There will be tears.

This is also going to be Repeat Offender's 39th bday hash. Cum rejuvenate your life in the simplest way- run, beer, and cheesecake. Given how broke the SHH3 is, the next time we can afford a fancy cake on the hash will be on Table 1's 39th birthday. Fingers crossed Rona will be gone by then. Onon!

The Hares

Bangasaurus Sex, Hot Girl Farts and Table 1

The Date

Sunday, Aug. 7th @ 15:30, Pack off at 16:00

集合时间:下午3:30 开始时间:下午4:00


The Meeting Point (A)

The Anhui Restaurant 徽州荟馆

The Address

686 Jinyun Rd 金运路686号

The Metro

Line 13 Jinyun Rd Station

The Directions

Take line 13 east to the last stop- Jinyun Road. Exit 2. Take a right out of the exit and the restaurant will be 400m on your right.地铁13号线金运路站2号口出来右转400米即是


Run and Circle: RMB 30/person

Run, Circle, and Dinner: RMB 100/person


Runners: 9-12km

Walkers: 5-7km


FUTURE HARE LINE: To book your date to hare, contact Woohoo

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Run 1755 - Aug. 21 - EMF & Just Arwen

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Run 1758 - Sept. 11 - Mud Sucker & Cohare Needed

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Run 1762 - Oct. 9th - Repeat Offender & Just Arpad (Canadian Thanksgiving Day Run)

Run 1763 - Oct. 16th - Hares Needed

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Run 1765 - Oct. 30th - Hares Needed

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