SHH3 Run #1766 Not A Nash Hash Hash

Hares Hot Girl Farts, Bangasaurus Sex & Table 1


As we know, many of us are bound to the confines of our fair city, unable to attend the debauchery that is ACNH. The Hares being three of the unfortunate, have laid a gorgeous trail in the Hongqiao CBD to try and lessen the FOMO many of us are feeling. While it's not in Suzhou, it's on the other side of the airport, so for many of you, it's basically the same thing. Complete with behemoth modern architecture, rivers, skywalks, kitschy photo ops, playground stops (Table 1 is haring after all), and shitty beer... it's sure to disappoint.

The Hares

Hot Girl Farts, Bangasaus Sex & Table 1

The Date

Sunday, Nov.6 @ 14:30, Pack off at 15:00

集合时间:下午14:30 开始时间:下午15:00

The Meeting Point (A)

Shanghai Beach Restaurant (Hongqiao Store)

上海滩餐厅(虹桥店) 申长路888弄虹桥天地2号楼B栋1-2层


Run and Circle: RMB 30/person

Run, Circle, and Dinner: RMB 100/person


Runners: 8km

Walkers: 4km

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