Every Sunday since 1986

The Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3) is a an international running and social club. The tradition of hashing started in the 1930's in Malaysia when a group of gents decided they wanted to have a hare hunt, but couldn't find a rabbit in southeast Asia. They sent one guy out to act as the hare while the others acted as the hounds (or the harriers - It's coming together for you now, isn't it?). They had a great time and found that the chase helped their hangovers and thus a tradition was born. 


The Shanghai Hash House Harriers began in 1986. We're a mixed hash (meaning all genders and sexes are welcome) that runs walks or hobbles every Sunday come rainstorm, snowstorm, beerstorm, sandstorm, etc.. Attendance varies from 4-60 people, but typically is around 20-30. Really though, who cares? Join us for a good run or walk, a great way to see the city, lots of (un)fresh air, and more than enough food and Tsingtao beer. For more info on what to expect from a hash, check out our "New to the Hash?" page for Hashing 101, or don't and just show up on Sunday for a great time!